About Me

Sunshine and Health, LLC

Sherri Redmond

Being a nurse for the past 10 years has been a great educational experience. In every venue of nursing I have worked in, they all have many areas in common, that is our Bodies need individualized care. Often, we forget about the need of Nutrition. Herbal products are nutrition to the body, not just a drug to mask or ease the symptoms.

My experience ranges from Long-term care, Memory care, Med-surg, Oncology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Family health, Soldier Readiness, Acute After-hours center, Hospice, Wound center, School nursing, and CNA Certification Instructor, Case management ….Yes, I have tried it all and loved something in all of it!! With all these areas of nursing comes a great amount of knowledge and experience for which I am grateful.


I not only learned clinical skills, but I also learned much about myself during those years. I found that I wanted more than anything to help others to be healthier.

I also have had Training and am a Certified Metabolic Health Transformation Coach, specializing in Gut Health, Weight-loss and many other benefits to the body.

I have now devoted all my efforts to individualized consultations and assisting clients on which herbal program will benefit them most.

Whether it be the need for Cannabis management and follow-ups, Gut health, Weight-loss or Symptoms relief of various types. My education, training and expertise allows me to apply the nursing process to provide a holistic approach to nursing care management with each individual client as well as to teach and lead classes to help people live a healthier life.

With Sunshine and Health, I will be able to help you explore and find the best program for your individual need.

Interested in herbal supplements and CBD products? I can help!